Henry Clay Dean Lineage

The goal of the Rebel's Cove Historical Society is to perpetuate the heritage of our ancestor, Henry Clay Dean (1822-1881). The Historical Society was formed in February 1980 when Keith Dinsmore, Steve and Cindy Willcox met to organize the association.

The Historical Society meets annually on the last Sunday in July at the Schuyler R-1 Elementary School in Queen City, Missouri, with registration at 11 am and dinner at noon. Attendees are asked to bring two covered dishes to share and drinks. A silent auction and sale of books and memorabilia are typical events at the reunion, with presentation of scholarships, a short business meeting and election of board members.

Current Board Members - Pending Updates
(Terms expire)
Anne Smith (2013)
Henry Black (2013)
Beverly Oliver (2013)
Cindy Willcox (2014)
Dorothy Starrett (2014)
Mary Miller (2014)
Richard Starrett (2015)
Pat Chalupa (2015)
Yvonne Reindel (2015)

This family tree is a work in progress. Most of the information has been taken from the July 1980 issue of The Rebel's Cove Record (no longer in publication) and from the Rebel's Cove Family Directory, compiled by Keith Dinsmore in 2010. Dates have not been confirmed by birth or death certificates or census data. Some names and dates are incomplete.
If you have information you would like to contribute to this family tree, please contact Valerie Colis

Information about the Historical Society may also be obtained from:
Cindy Willcox
Rebel's Cove Historical Society
P. O. Box 306
Lancaster, MO 63548


Henry Clay Dean (1822-1881)

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